Cut the pastry into 2 x 18cm circles and place on a baking tray lined with non-sticky baking paper. Top each pastry with the goat's cheese and tomato. Sprinkle with oil, salt and pepper and bake for 25 minutes or until pastry is golden. To make the topping, combine the rocket and basil.
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Cheesy twists
Unroll the pastry, cut the pastry in half down the middle. Brush the pastry with egg wash. Sprinkle cheese over half the pastry and top with cayenne pepper, chopped thyme and season with salt and pepper.
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Braai Pie
Unroll one roll (400g) of the Magpie puff pastry and place it directly onto a clean braai grid. Brush the pastry with a little of the egg. Leaving a 2cm border around the edges of the pastry, sprinkle the cheese over the pastry.
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